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Medicare Psychiatrists in San Jose

"I have closely worked with and have a deep understanding of psychological needs of medically ill population. If you're someone who takes multiple medications for medical problems and need psychiatric care I could be the right Psychiatrist for you. Patients often feel uncertain about starting a new medication. I'm often asked "will this medication interact with my other medications?". I will work with you and help you decide if you need psychotropic medication(s). I only recommend starting medication when I believe it's likely to benefit you and am knowledgeable about medication interactions and side effects."
Office is near:
San Jose, California 95113
(650) 489-9853
No more Medicare Psychiatrists in San Jose - Try other Psychiatrists below Santa Clara County California - CA
"Dr. Donovan Wong is a board certified psychiatrist working with adults to help them overcome various life stresses and problems in relationships. Dr. Wong specializes in therapy and works with you in a direct and active way to help you relieve your suffering. People that do best with this therapy are highly motivated to get to the root of their problems and to change their lives for the better."
San Jose, California 95120
(424) 343-2698
"Greetings! I am an adult psychiatrist in San Jose, California. I am pleased to provide individualized psychiatric services. I specialize in the treatment of: Depression, Anxiety, Adjustment Disorder, Bipolar Disorder, PTSD, and OCD. I also work with people who struggle with issues around: Low Self-Esteem, Sexual Orientation, Professional Distress, Relationship Issues, and Life Transitions. My goal is to provide you with a very high level of quality care and close attention that will help to foster your recovery and to help you attain more satisfaction and success in your life."
San Jose, California 95116
(408) 713-6231
"Experience personalized, compassionate care with a highly experienced Harvard and Stanford trained physician, with focus on healing the whole person, inside out."
San Jose, California 95128
(408) 426-5955
Psychiatric Nurse, MSN, PMHNP, BC
"Finding the right therapist for you is an important step in achieving change. As a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner Therapist, and having over 15 years experience working in psychiatry have taught me that every human being has the innate ability, through their own personality, values, and temperament to transform the roots of his/her suffering into a path of growth, and to experience happiness and joy. My core approach working with you is to guide you through achieving change with compassion, understanding and trust. I believe positive change can occur through a strong collaborative therapeutic process with your therapist."
San Jose, California 95126
(650) 422-2714
"I specialize in treating children, adolescents and young adults. I completed a Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Fellowship at the University of Washington, and some of my main areas of expertise include anxiety disorders, mood disorders, ADHD and behavioral problems."
Office is near:
San Jose, California 95120
Psychiatrist, MD, DFAPA, FACIP
"We provide a complete system of care for all age groups including multiple family members where appropriate. Our specialties include: dual diagnosis, psychiatry, neurology, women's health, psychotherapy, and an innovative new treatment for depression-Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation. We strive to provide wellness to the individual utilizing an in-depth evaluation as well as an integrated team of professionals. We recognize that symptoms may have complex multiple associations, causes, and effects. By helping an individual from every aspect of their needs including physical health, neurobiological wellness, and psychological/behavioral/interpersonal health, we can improve the overall health of the individual."
Office is near:
San Jose, California 95127
(408) 703-5705
"I see patients only via telepsychiatry. I can treat patients anywhere in California. My ideal patient is someone who is very busy and does not have time to drive back and forth to a private practice office. All you need is a PC or Mac, a webcam and microphone (pre-installed on most laptops) and high speed internet to connect via secure, encrypted, HIPAA compliant teleconference. We can use Skype. I can prescribe medications to your local pharmacy and will work closely with your primary care doctor to ensure your safety and optimal medical care."
Office is near:
San Jose, California 95112
(888) 978-1671
"Somethings's GOT to give. I can't take this any more. No one understands. My spouse? No way. The last doctor said "more meds" and spent as much time with the computer as he did with me! My teenager is sad and going nowhere fast. I think the younger one might have some kind of Asperger's, ADD,OCD,ODD,PSTD or some alphabet soup salad that I'm just supposed to deal with. The counselors out there are just too young to understand what I'm going through. Certainly life wasn't meant to be like this."
Office is near:
San Jose, California 95101
(650) 288-6479