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TRICARE Psychiatrists in Virginia Beach

Psychiatric Nurse, RN, MSN, PMHNP
"I am a dedicated Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner with 4 years providing evidence based treatment to multiple patient populations. My ultimate desire is to provide you with a safe, comfortable environment to share your thoughts (good and bad), and through medication management, help you attain a healthier and more goal oriented life for yourself. I fully believe in a collaborative approach to therapy and value your feedback throughout the course of treatment."
Virginia Beach, Virginia 23464
(757) 276-4199
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"The idea of facing a doctor and dealing with your innermost feelings is daunting enough. You shouldn't have to worry about finding a different specialist for medication, therapy, coaching and crisis management when a medical doctor like Dr. Dabney offers it all in one place. Dr. Dabney is the ONLY female medical doctor in Hampton Roads who provides both medication management AND therapy options for discerning patients who demand high quality, individualized treatment without being pushed out the door or one of dozens in a large group practice."
Virginia Beach, Virginia 23462
(757) 517-2351
Psychiatrist, MD, DLFAPA, FAACAP
"I offer my training as a physician and a psychiatrist in a compassionate and highly knowledgeable way to help each person. I trained at the Menninger Foundation in Topeka, Kansas and am Board Certified in Adult, Child, and Adolescent Psychiatry. My wife and I have been married for 48 years and have three adult children and seven grandchildren. As a psychiatrist treating young and old, I integrate medical, psychological, and social knowledge in an effort to understand and treat each person and/or family's unique set of needs."
Virginia Beach, Virginia 23451
(757) 986-1022
"MY WORK WITH THE PATIENT: As a psychiatrist with over 30 years' experience serving patients, I understand the need to work with the patient to develop an understanding of all factors that are playing a role in the present state of mind and body, such as family, work and social environments, leisure activities, and physical health."
Virginia Beach, Virginia 23452
(757) 517-3824
"Ocean Psychiatric Group P.C, is a collaborative group of Neurological and Mental Health professionals who will serve your needs with competence, integrity and compassion. We are a group of individuals licensed in Psychiatry, Neurology, Clinical Psychology, Professional Counseling, Marriage and Family Therapy, Clinical Social Work, Neuropsychological and Psychological Testing. Our practice is complemented by Prescribing Nurse Practitioners, Board Certified in Psychiatric and Family Medicine . We are committed to provide excellent patient care within our specialties, in a confidential and comfortable environment."
Virginia Beach, Virginia 23452
(757) 663-4342
"Having trained as a psychiatrist, an art therapist, and a Jungian analyst, I approach each individual as unique. I focus on the value of that uniqueness and encourage the development of individual solutions to the problems and suffering that individuals bring into treatment. I view anxiety, depression, low self-esteem and problems in relationships as manifestations of unsuccessful attempts to adapt to both the outer world of collective demands and the inner world of one's own individual feelings and needs. Being healthy in the world means balancing the needs for individuality with needs to fit into the collective world."
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Virginia Beach, Virginia 23462
(757) 695-3107