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"I know that there are challenges in each person's life and I strongly believe that talking helps. I engage those that I work with by using dynamic psychotherapy. This is an ongoing process of talking, thinking and feeling. As these elements are shared, reconsidered, and reviewed over time a deeper understanding of the self emerges. This understanding leads to more choices in one's life. I respect the abilities that people bring to the challenges of life and their capacities to make changes. I treat the person not the diagnosis."
"I help clients resolve psychological or psychiatric problems that keep them from fully experiencing their lives. I also work with people to help them achieve their life goals. Because no two people are the same, I believe that treatment for every person should be individually tailored. I use medications when they are needed and do therapy. Some of the therapeutic methods I use are psychodynamic psychotherapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, hypnosis, couples and family therapy. I help with anxiety, mood problems, co-morbid psychiatric and medical problems, relationship and family problems."
Psychiatric Nurse, MSN, PMHCNS, BC
"Gloria Fallon, PMHCNS-BC is a board certified psychiatric Clinical Nurse Specialist in the field of Child and Adolescent psychiatry and therapy. Gloria is compassionate, seasoned and knowledgeable about the safe use of psychiatric medications in children and adolescents. She received her Masters in Nursing from the Yale University School of Nursing with an emphasis on women, families, and children in 2001. Her extensive work experience includes fellowship training at Harvard Vanguard Medical Associates, McLean Hospital, Cambridge Health Alliance, DCS Community Mental Health and Framingham Psychiatric Counseling Associates. She currently works in private practice in Wellesley Hills, MA."
Psychiatric Nurse, DNP, PMHCNS, BC
"I am a Board Certified, Psychiatric Mental Health Clinical Nurse Specialist with a Doctorate in Nursing Practice. I have been in private practice for over thirty years, providing a full list of clinical psychotherapeutic and psychopharmacological services. When it comes to my work with clients, I utilize a collaborative interpersonal approach in which the therapeutic relationship offers a foundation for exploring relevant treatment issues. I see many people for depression, anxiety, obesity, and weight loss/weight management issues. Many of my clients are pursuing surgical and non surgical weight loss treatment interventions using one or more modalities.."
"I am a Board Certified, licensed Psychiatric Clinical Nurse Specialist who has been helping clients improve their lives for over 30 years. I provide psychotherapy,psychogenomic testing, consultation and medication treatment for individuals ages 18 - 65+. I focus on mental health issues across the life span and am most successful with those struggling to adjust to stress, such as that associated with overcoming a career challenge, managing school, family, role conflicts and lifelong depression and anxiety. I treat students, career professionals, men, women and LGBT populations as well as those from many ethnic, racial and class backgrounds."
"If you need help to gain or regain a good enough balance and a way to find happiness in your life, I have decades of valuable experience. I am known as a "psychiatrist's psychiatrist," a true healer, and one who is gifted at working with "challenging" situations" -- both individual and couples. Therapy is my specialty, and I evaluate and prescribe medication only for patients I treat in therapy when it is truly indicated. Author of : "That's How the Light Gets In: Memoir of a Psychiatrist" (published by Random House) and "Semrad: The Heart of a Therapist" (see"
"I believe deeply that people can change their lives, and I have dedicated my life's work to just that. Patterns of behavior always exist for good reason. They begin as a way of adapting to circumstances, then the situation changes, and years later, what was once a way to cope has now become a liability. There is nothing more gratifying than assisting people in recognizing these lifelong patterns in which they have been entwined, and learning how to slip those bonds. Understanding alone, though, is not enough. The hard part is putting together and implementing a plan to change."
"Please see my website: My practice is currently full. The only way to get onto wait list is to send a message via, as other methods including messages through Psychology Today will likely be overlooked. Please understand that I receive many requests for treatment, and am currently too busy to respond to each individual request as I get them."
Psychiatric Nurse, MSN, PMHNP-, BC
"I am a board-certified Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner treating clients from the ages of 17 through adulthood. I am currently accepting new clients in my practice and I offer thoughtful, evidence-based medication management in complete collaboration with my client. I am currently accepting BCBS; HNE; Beacon Health (GIC Indemnity; Fallon Health Care; Neighborhood Health Plan; BMC); and Medicare Insurances as well as Private Pay."
"I am a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner, with 8 years of nursing experience. My background in nursing drives my passion in treating people holistically and looking at how our mind and body are integrated and effect one another. My training is in Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, and I have experience in treating children, adolescents and young adults. I treat a variety of patients, including those suffering from anxiety, depression, mood disorders, borderline personality disorder and suicidal and/or self injurious behaviors. I provide therapy and psychopharmacology management for my clients."
"I am a board-certified adult psychiatrist specializing in the treatment of mood and anxiety disorders with a particular interest in treatment-resistant depression. I use an integrative approach--my preferred treatment being a combination of medication and psychodynamic psychotherapy. My goal is not simply to relieve your symptoms but hopefully, through our work together, help you develop the inner capacities that will lead to healthy, satisfying relationships and a greater sense of freedom and possibility."
"I strive to help my patients manage and rise above the daunting difficulties of things like depression and PTSD with as many compassionate and scientifically grounded modalities as possible. A major concern of mine is helping patients who are having difficulty with traditional medication. To further help these patients, I have created a branch in my practice dedicated to a all new treatment known as Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation Therapy (TMS). This new therapy has been proven effective in patients who have failed to benefit from traditional medication. I am proud to be the first in Boston to offer this treatment."
Psychiatric Nurse, EdD, APRN, BC
"I provide clinical services for children and adolescents in psychotherapy and psychopharmacology and treat a range of disorders experienced by children and adolescents. I also work with adults in therapy and medication management."
"I provide individual therapy, as well as medication management if desired and appropriate. Trained in all major methods, I tailor my approach to what will be helpful for the situation. Taking medication is a personal decision, weighing the potential pros and cons. Medications are very helpful for many people, but must be used thoughtfully. The oversimplified and greatly advertised idea that genetically-determined brain chemistry causes suffering overlooks the fact that experience affects brain chemistry, too. Our own thoughts, feelings, and behaviors change our brains. This is why therapy is so important if you want to achieve lasting changes."
Psychiatric Nurse, APRN, PC, BC
"I have over 25 years experience as an Advanced Practice Nurse.My approach is wholistic and I bring extensive medical knowledge to my practice. I have a particular interest in treating clients in transition.I have extensive experience in treating relationship and women's issues (particularly PMS, and Menopause). I treat Depression, Anxiety, OCD, ADD/ADHD, and Bereavement. My approach is a combination of counseling and medicine.I enjoy treating couples, both gay and straight.I've been successful in helping couples problem solve and form closer unions. My office is cozy and homelike. I am very active in my approach."
Salem, Massachusetts 01970
(978) 704-1994 x2
Psychiatric Nurse, MSN, BSN, PMH-CNP, BC
"Cristina Desa is a Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner providing medication management and evaluations to adolescents and adults in Westford . Her areas of expertise are: ADHD, anxiety, depression and PTSD. Cristina believes in the importance of treating the whole person by emphasizing their strengths while integrating medications with other therapies. Her approach to mental health treatment is based on the most recent research studies and selecting medications with the least amount of side effects. We provide genetic testing for patients who had multiple treatment failures to minimize potential side effects. The testing is a quick swab cheek test done in the office."
"Dr. Sorrentino is the medical director at the Institute for Sexual Wellness; her practice is devoted to the treatment and evaluation of paraphilias and sexual offenders as well as the hormonal treatment of paraphilias."
Psychiatric Nurse, RN, CNS, NP
"I'm a psychiatric nurse practitioner with 16 years of experience in nursing who believes in treating the whole person. As a practitioner at Mind Well, I work from multiple perspectives combining my medical training with additional therapeutic tools. When I meet with you initially, we will work together to stabilize your symptoms, which will allow you to build a foundation for a more enriched life. At Mind Well, we are a group of compassionate professionals dedicated to helping you feel good, because feeling good matters!"
Psychiatric Nurse, RNCS, MEd, PC
"We have as much to learn from our clients as they do from us. Growth and healing requires a partnership. I offer a variety of treatment choices individualized to each client. Special interests include working with anxiety and panic disorders, agoraphobia, phobias, depression, trauma, grief and loss, post taumatic stress disorder, OCD, bipolar disorder, adult ADHD, chronic illness, personal growth and relationship issues. I have short and long term clients."
"I help clients reach their desired state of mind by allowing them to express their feelings without judgment or bias. This frees up more positive energy and greatly lessens stagnant fear. The client can "move on" with the business of living with balance."