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"Do you find that you want sex less or more than your partner? Or do you wonder you have some compulsive sexual behavior? Has your sex life been less than satisfying or even painful? Wondering if your hormones are playing a role? Struggling with infertility? As a Certified Nurse Practitioner and Sex Therapist for over 25 years, there's not too much that I haven't seen."
Minnetonka, Minnesota 55345
(612) 787-2832
"You are in pain and try to brush it away. But something remains which trips you up. You feel nervous, shut down, out of sorts. You may find yourself in a familiar situation or surprised by a sudden upsurge of feelings or tendency to withdraw. You can't shake the mood, or locate your feelings like others seem to do. Something is missing in relationship(s) or at work. A reflective partner can be valuable as you explore your situation. Offering another perspective as well as experienced companionship we will sort out elements of thought and feeling toward better tools."
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Minnetonka, Minnesota 55345
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