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Psychiatrists in Brooklyn

"I am board-certified in Psychiatry and Addiction Medicine specializing in the diagnosis and treatment of a broad spectrum of psychiatric conditions and addiction issues. I have completed fellowship at the Institute of Psychoanalytic Education. I have extensive experience in psychopharmacology and psychotherapy and am committed to providing compassionate, top quality mental health care and addiction problems that is customized to meet each of my patient's individual needs. Initial consultation consists of a comprehensive psychiatric assessment. I will also carefully screen for commonly missed coexisting conditions."
Brooklyn, New York 11201
(347) 252-3841
"Our Behavioral Health & Hypnotherapy offices are the best place to learn more about inner resources that will help you live a healthier, fuller and more satisfied life and to get right, integrative and professional treatment of different emotional problems. Our licensed psychiatrists, psychologists and psychotherapists together with certified hypnotists are skilled in a wide range of behavioral treatments, psychopharmocological approach, counseling, evaluations for schools and attorneys. Also we professionally use hypnosis techniques, including Eriksonian hypnosis and hypnosis for addiction."
Brooklyn, New York 11214
(718) 989-1956
"Living with anxiety can be quite distressing, interfering with your sense of well-being and your relationships with others. Treatment designed specifically to relieve your anxiety allows you to feel more confident and create caring relationships. As a psychiatrist and psychotherapist, I offer anxiety relief to my clients by helping them uncover the cause of their symptoms, then minimizing or eliminating it. This can offer you relief and restore your sense of emotional well-being. You can enjoy your life again. You can make the choice to give yourself relief from anxiety now."
Brooklyn, New York 11238
(718) 570-7701
"I am a board-certified psychiatrist in private practice who provides medication management and psychotherapy to adults. I specialize in the treatment of anxiety disorders, which I believe are best addressed with psychotherapy with or without medication. I provide Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, which is a type of therapy that works in the "here and now" to address your thought processes and behaviors, and how they interact. I try to incorporate some therapy into my visits with patients who see me for medication management. I know seeing a psychiatrist can be daunting and strive to make it a comfortable experience."
Brooklyn, New York 11201
(516) 252-0191
"I practice integrative psychiatry combining psychotherapy, medications, and alternative and complementary approaches for optimal health with minimal side effects. I completed medical school at Harvard, adult psychiatry training at Columbia, and child psychiatry training at the NYU Child Study Center. I am an Assistant Professor at NYU and teach undergraduate courses on Complementary and Alternative Mental Health and Nutrition and Mental Health."
Brooklyn, New York 11217
(646) 606-2663
"Our experiences and the demands of modern day living can make the already challenging goals of life - to love, to work, and pursue happiness - seem even harder to achieve. These stressors and our predispositions can result in emotional difficulties which may be short lived or life-long."
Brooklyn, New York 11215
(347) 868-6836
"Please see my website for a more extensive bio/link to my book. Team psychiatrist for the Brooklyn Nets and author of the self help book, "Reinvent Yourself: Essential Tools From a Brooklyn Psychiatrist Who Has Seen It All," Dr. Lops is known for being a "therapist's psychiatrist." All clients, children and adults, receive some form of therapy because all of us have the ability to benefit from further tool building or support. Dr. Lops realizes that upon initial assessment, symptoms of anxiety, depression, or ADHD/disruptive behaviors maybe so significant that to do "the work" a trial of medication can be beneficial."
Brooklyn, New York 11249
(718) 305-4473
"In working with the diverse array of people who have sought my help my focus is always to help them discover what about them is healthy. In a playful and gentle way, we work through the pain that gets in the way of living fully. My ideal client is one who is motivated to feel happy and productive and needs tools to get there. ."
Brooklyn, New York 11218
(718) 412-1323
"Welcome! I am a board certified psychiatrist dedicated to providing individualized and integrative care in Downtown Brooklyn. My practice focuses on using a tailored blend of techniques including self-exploration, skill-building, conflict management, and, when indicated, pharmacologic options to help each client achieve health and success - in whatever terms they define these. I trained in Adult Psychiatry at the University of California, San Francisco and completed my Child and Adolescent Psychiatry fellowship at New York University. I am currently on NYU faculty and work at Bellevue Hospital when not at my private practice."
Brooklyn, New York 11242
(347) 826-0857
"I graduated from medical school at NYU and completed my residency in psychiatry at Cornell. I have a private practice in Brooklyn Heights, specializing in treating adults with conditions such as depression, generalized anxiety disorder, phobias, and OCD. I recognize that the process of beginning treatment can be daunting and nerve-wracking. Finding a psychiatrist whom you trust and with whom you feel comfortable is perhaps the most important first step you can take in getting better. I can provide you with a comfortable and safe environment in which to begin exploring the difficulties that have brought you to treatment."
Brooklyn, New York 11242
(646) 606-2793
"I am a psychiatric nurse practitioner working with adults, adolescents, and children with expertise in anxiety, depression, mood disorders and cross-cultural issues. I am on the staff of The Social Therapy Group with offices in Brooklyn and Manhattan. I have 30+ years experience as a social therapist working with individuals, couples and families. If needed, I can prescribe medication to help you (or your child) through emotionally challenging times. I do short-term individual therapy, couples and family therapy. My training is in Social Therapy, a group therapeutic approach."
Brooklyn, New York 11217
(718) 701-8631 x319
"**Please note, I do not participate on any insurance panels asides from NYU-CHP** (Psychology Today apparently lists me as participating on insurance panels incorrectly) Most people come to a psychiatrist looking for relief from something: worrying, sadness, guilt, exhaustion, poor motivation, poor concentration, relationship difficulties, or internal conflict, to name a few. Many people have some idea of what they want (or don't want) from their psychiatrist before beginning treatment. I work with the patient to develop a treatment approach that incorporates their personal preferences such that they are comfortable in pursuing their therapeutic goals with me."
Brooklyn, New York 11201
(646) 571-0026
"I will try to understand you and we will develop a treatment plan best suited to your needs. My goal is to bring hope to my clients, and help them understand and cope better with the people and life situations associated with the onset of their symptoms. I am a board-certified child, adolescent and adult psychiatrist who specializes in different forms of psychotherapy--cognitive behavioral (CBT), interpersonal (IPT), psychodynamic, and supportive therapy--in addition to pharmacology to augment psychotherapy only when the need arises. I can communicate effectively in Spanish, French and Portuguese, and enjoy a diverse, multicultural client base."
Brooklyn, New York 11222
(917) 746-6006
"I am a board certified psychiatrist with training in conventional and alternative medicine and an interest in the treatment of professional burn-out in adults, college & graduate students. Using a holistic or "whole-person" approach, rather than relying solely on psychotropic medication, I offer several alternative healing treatments, including mindfulness/stress reduction techniques (biofeedback, breathing strategies), herbs & nutritional supplements, lifestyle modification (exercise, sleep hygiene), psychotherapy, and traditional psychiatric medication when necessary. As a psychiatrist and visual artist, I am also sensitive to the challenges of artists & musicians with creative block."
Brooklyn, New York 11242
(347) 282-5006
"I am a reproductive psychiatrist specializing in treating women across the reproductive life cycle. I believe in a medical model to treat clinically significant depression, anxiety, obsessive compulsive, insomnia, attention deficit, impulse control and bipolar disorders. In the initial consultation and throughout treatment I thoroughly review symptoms that might be affecting your functioning both in your personal life and work life. My approach to treatment is focused on helping you improve the quality and enjoyment of all the different parts of your life. I work with you to come up with a treatment plan that works for you."
Brooklyn, New York 11231
(718) 569-7763
"I am a board certified psychiatrist specializing in the pharmacologic management of psychiatric conditions. I treat adults for a wide range of psychiatric conditions including depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, anxiety, post traumatic stress disorder and attention deficit disorder. I have extensive training and experience in psychotherapy, but my practice is focused primarily on psychopharmacology. For individuals interested in both medication management and psychotherapy, I will work with your current therapist or will provide a referral to a experienced psychotherapist."
Brooklyn, New York 11242
(917) 746-0223
"I am an adult and child psychiatrist who treats all psychiatric disorders, including areas such as depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety, and ADHD, while often focusing on difficult life circumstances including relationship difficulties, family dynamics, trauma or job stress. Each individual should be approached with compassion and empathy, and this is rooted deeply in my work with patients. I strive to treat my patients holistically, by integrating psychotherapy, medications when clinically indicated, and guidance on lifestyle modifications. I treat patients of all ages, with a special focus on college/graduate students, young adults, and women's mental health."
Brooklyn, New York 11211
(347) 482-0815
"I'm a psychiatrist who practices an interdisciplinary approach called social therapy. I don't try to figure out what's "wrong" with you. I work with you to help you to develop emotionally. As you grow, you become more skilled and confident in the creation/performance of your life. That isn't to say that development solves all problems! It's simply that in developing you create better emotional tools for seeing, and shaping, your life - including your problems. My colleagues and I at the Social Therapy Group are group therapists."
Brooklyn, New York 11217
(718) 569-7792 x325
"Mental illness is one of the heaviest burdens carried by human beings. In whatever country I have traveled to, the faces may have been different but the manifestations were very similar. I have tried to use my God given talents and intelligence to help reduce the weight of this burden in the lives of my patients. To this aim, I pursued training in the field of Addiction Medicine subsequent to a residency in Internal Medicine. I went on to complete a second residency in Psychiatry in order to better address my patients' disabling psychiatric symptoms."
Brooklyn, New York 11220
(347) 696-4308
"Dr. Okunlola is double boarded in Adult and Child/Adolescent Psychiatry of about of 25years in practice. I am the former Chairman of Department of Psychiatry at Interfaith Medical Center in Brooklyn. I have extensive experience in psychopharmacology and psychotherapy and I am committed to providing compassionate, culturally sensitive, and evidence based mental health care that is customized to meet each of my patient's individual needs. An accurate diagnosis provides the foundation for an effective treatment plan - tailored for each individual patient, including medication with/without therapy. Medication management follow-up is to monitor medication response, adjust dosing and assess for possible side effects."
Brooklyn, New York 11212
(718) 715-4706