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Psychiatric Nurse, EdD, PMHCNS-, RN
"My experience as a psychotherapist and educator allows me to offer interventions that are evidence based as well as grounded in traditional approaches that include client - centered, self-psychology, and interpersonal perspectives. I provide counseling and psychoeducation to individuals, couples and families that emphasize health promotion, symptom management and self-healing. My nursing background blended with my years of experience as a psychotherapist have prepared me to offer approaches that include recognition of the interplay of neurobiologic and intrapsychic factors related to the functioning of the brain and mind. I will work with you to meet mutually arrived upon goals."
Buffalo, New York 14222
(716) 803-8394
"I am a psychiatrist who specializes in psychotherapy, treating difficulties with mood and anxiety, behavioral problems, and substance and alcohol use. As a medical doctor, my training allows me to incorporate mind/body focused treatments including nutrition, exercise, life coaching, medications, and understanding past experiences in order to facilitate change. I am a native Western New Yorker, and I share the unique perspectives of my patients with a focus on personal responsibility, resilience, and hope. I also make myself personally available to patients via text and email during off hours with flexible scheduling in a comfortable Elmwood Village setting."
Buffalo, New York 14222
(716) 794-9221
"Pregnancy can be challenging if you are depressed, anxious or having mood swings. Even more so, if you have a diagnosis of Bipolar disorder, Schizophrenia or Psychosis or struggling with issues related to alcohol or recreational drugs. If you can relate to any one of these issues, don't hesitate to reach out for help. There is help available and reach out to me, as I have specialized fellowship training from Yale University working with women with these issues."
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Buffalo, New York 14201
(716) 835-1246
Psychiatric Nurse, PhD, NPP, PNP, RN-BC
"Integrative psychiatry is an approach to mental healthcare that embraces the best of both traditional AND complementary medicine. I believe that this empowering approach allows me to be more holistic and appreciate all the dimensions that might be impacting you. Left untreated, many mental and physical health symptoms lead to difficulties in relationships, school, and work, as well as a decline in functioning and quality of life. Individuals struggling with depression or mood issues, anxiety or panic, focus or concentration issues, insomnia, fatigue, eating issues, poor gut health, chronic illness, and stress-related physical complaints benefit from integrative psychiatry."
Office is near:
Buffalo, New York 14201
(585) 431-1339
Office is near:
Buffalo, New York 14221
(716) 886-5493