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Psychiatrists in Eugene

"As a psychiatrist and psychotherapist, I offer compassionate and effective treatment for adults and adolescents looking to address the symptoms and issues of concern in their life. With many years of experience, I draw on a variety of therapeutic approaches and can offer a holistic, individualized approach that is right for each person. Treatment may include, therapy, medication or a combination of both. I enjoy working with people who are looking to make a positive change in order to live a fuller, richer life."
Eugene, Oregon 97405
(541) 702-1571
Psychiatric Nurse, PhD, CNS-PP, BC
"I am a psychiatric medication management provider who specializes in treatment for depression and anxiety, and who has an interest in psychotherapy as well. I provide supportive psychotherapy to my clients throughout the medication management process because I believe medication is an adjunct for most people to the real work that is needed. I also offer individual psychotherapy services."
Eugene, Oregon 97401
(541) 321-0866
"Psychological wellness is affected by our physical health, our nutrition and activity levels, our relationships, and our narratives of our own lives. My practice is founded on the belief that thoughtful and comprehensive psychiatric care should address each of these areas. By working together in a therapeutic relationship, we can create changes toward holistic health and well-being-- changes that are both sustainable and empowering. I provide medication management for children, and therapy and medication management (or a combination) for adults and older adolescents. My specialty areas include stress, depression, anxiety, life transitions, relationships, and trauma."
Office is near:
Eugene, Oregon 97402
(541) 537-4325
"The psychotherapeutic journey has enormous power to heal individuals who suffer from depression, anxiety, childhood and adult trauma, eating disorders, losses and life transitions of all kinds. I work with patients individually and have been inspired to witness personal transformation and resilience in the most difficult life circumstances. My practice includes psychoanalysis, longer term psychotherapy, short-term consultation, and supervision of mental health professionals of all disciplines. Although my training is psychodynamic, I believe it is important to have an integrated treatment approach because every person is unique. Eating/body image issues, relationships, personal growth are particular areas of expertise."
Office is near:
Eugene, Oregon 97401
(503) 295-9909
"As a psychiatrist and psychodynamic psychotherapist with over 25 years of experience, I enjoy working with a wide variety of mental health concerns. I have developed special expertise in helping persons with self esteem issues, relationship problems, midlife and career transitions and trauma. I believe that talking through ones struggles, burdens, losses and pain leads to greater fulfillment in life, a sense of hope and joy. It is a privilege to be invited to accompany another on their personal journey. Psychotherapy is hard work but well worth the investment in oneself for discovering potential in love, work and play."
Office is near:
Eugene, Oregon 97405
(503) 295-7900
Psychiatric Nurse, PMHNP, ANCC
Eugene, Oregon 97401
(631) 402-5049