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"As I have grown and developed during the thirty five years I have practiced psychiatry I feel the need to define myself and my interests more specifically. External forces are working to limit the Psychiatrists' role to medication prescriber. I certainly do some of this as the goal of symptom alleviation is an important one. What appeals most to me, however, is to work with individuals to achieve a more fundamental shift. Growth at a deeper level. Consequently, I have consolidated medication and talk therapy "under one roof." This provides efficiency and power difficult to achieve with split therapy."
Southport, Connecticut 06890
(203) 552-2371
"I am a board-certified psychiatrist and an assistant professor at Yale. I was trained at Yale, and then specialized in psychopharmacology and continued 2 years of training as a psychopharmacological fellow at Yale."
Southport, Connecticut 06890
(203) 815-1955