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"I work mainly with high school students, college students, and young professionals/busy parents who are require medication management for clinical depression and/or anxiety. Some clients may benefit from therapy alone and some clients benefit from medication alone. Although I provide primarily medication management, I acknowledge that medication treatment alone may not be enough. I often recommend that clients augment their medication with individual or family psychotherapy, or other evidence-based treatment modalities such as yoga, tai chi, journaling, or meditation."
"Welcome! I am passionate about helping you to achieve optimal functioning in your pursuit to regain emotional and mental well-being. As a board-certified family psychiatric nurse practitioner, I can provide high-quality mental health care to men, women, and school-aged children. I will conduct comprehensive psychiatric evaluations, and collaboratively create an individualized treatment plan that is applicable to you. Thorough consideration is given to the biological, psychological and social factors impacting your mental health. I approach all individuals with compassion, respect, and honesty."